Refund and Returns Policy

We strive to make every shopping experience unique.

Return Policy

Shop with confidence with our great return/exchange policy features:

14-Day Returns

All returned products will be refunded in full within 14 days from the delivery date.

Easy and Free Returns

You can return any purchased product; all shipping fees will be fully refunded.

Full Refunds

If you receive a damaged, defective, or unsatisfactory item for any reason, the full amount will be refunded, including any applicable shipping fees.

Getting a Refund

Getting a Refund

The refunded amount will be credited to your account for future purchases, or you can receive it in cash at our main office within 5 business days from the date of returning the item to us.

Item Exchange

In case of item(s) exchange, the replaced item(s) will be treated as a new order.

How can I return an order?

Initiating the Return

Through the My Orders page/screen, click on “Return Item”.

Scheduling the Pickup

The pickup date will be arranged by one of our express courier services.

Returning the Item

Pack the item in its original condition and packaging. Hand over the parcel to the courier representative.

Refund Processing

Once we receive the returned product, we will inspect it and process your refund.

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