The Diva Queen Story

Chapter #1

An enchanted queen who charmed earth & heavens with her purity and elegance. She devoted her entire life to collect every element known to mankind throughout the world to create amazing inventions devoted entirely to feminine beauty.

Chapter #2

The Diva filled with passion and affection, converted her palace into a grand cosmetic factory. Eventually, the fame of The Diva echoed all over the country for her outstanding innovations in cosmetics, she created all kinds of products that resonated deeply among all women in the country.

Chapter #3

As her reputation expanded, No one was able to discover The Diva’s secrets, Even after her death, many attempts were made to mimic her inventions without any success; her palace/factory was sealed shut to commemorate The Diva’s amazing achievements and her radiant legacy.

Chapter #4

The diva’s will was encrypted, filled with  secret meanings. It was destined to be decoded by only people who display the same passion.
Once The Diva’s story was unrevealed to the world, we took it upon ourselves to retrace The Diva’s steps . With determination and dedication, we were able to decipher her will and follow up on her journey to create top Products, Mixing The Diva’s Innovations with modern technologies.

Chapter #5

We declare to the Whole World that we are the true successors of The Diva; we named Ourselves Trindiva which it means Purity in her Greek mother tongue to celebrate her legacy and creativity. Welcome to the Diva’s World, Welcome to Trindiva

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